Friday, June 16, 2017

Random Five on Friday

Our "normal" schedules have been thrown out the window and summer is in full swing around here. Last week, Brennan was at a baseball camp in Arkansas and this week he's at a church camp in Texas. Lauren safely made it through her entire week at camp without any big medical issues, and she's still going strong. We're pretty sure Addison is doing well, but at the moment, I can't narrow down her location much more than "in Europe."

And so, without any further ado, I'll share some snapshots of summer life from the past week.

1. Brennan's final baseball game at baseball camp at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas

2. While everyone was away, Tim and I found time to play Commissioned. We've lost track of the number of times we've played it, but we finally won a game!

3. When we picked Lauren up at camp on Monday, she excitedly shared some of her camp pictures and stories. Her favorite part was the rock climbing wall and ropes course, which included some opportunities to zip line.

4. Since Lauren is one of this year's patient ambassadors for Children's Hospital, we got to attend a fun kick-off media event publicizing next weekend's Climb for Courage event at the Air Force Academy. She's pictured with the mayor of Colorado Springs and one of the other ambassadors. (More information to come.)

5. This morning, we had a bit of time at home (finally) and finished up the work Lauren needed to do for her American Heritage Girl sewing badge. She has big plans for earning badges this summer -- three completed so far, umpteen left to go.

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