Saturday, February 2, 2013

T is for Tim

When I started blogging through the alphabet, my first two posts were "A is for Addison" and "B is for Brennan." I  skipped "C is for Cristi" and chose not to do a post dedicated to "L is for Lauren" because most of this blog has been about her. I guess I just sort of fell out of the habit of including the names of my family and had to be reminded to do my "T is for Tim" post.

I'm sorry, sweetie. I didn't mean to overlook you or to imply that you didn't mean anything to me. You mean more to me than I could ever express.

When I blogged about Addison, I posted twenty random things she likes, and when I blogged about Brennan, I posted his forty-nine favorites.

This weekend, I'm posting a random list of things about my wonderful husband Tim. I'm sure I'm leaving off a lot. Perhaps, though, you can see what a wonderful guy I'm lucky enough to be married to.

He's awesome at planning a vacation, especially a Disney vacation. Some people might scoff at the idea of having a schedule for Disneyland (or Disney World), but it's all worth it when we realize that we've easily gotten to see all of our "must do's" for the trip.

He finds new places for us to explore, such as the Joshua Tree National Park which is somewhere between here and Anaheim.

He is encouraging our big kids to read through the Bible with him this year.

He listens to me when I ramble on about medical stuff.

He's a great singer and he loves praising God.

He tolerates and embraces some of my crazier ideas -- Thanksgiving Dinner done picnic-style.

Along those same lines, he does an awesome job carving a turkey. (Shout out to the chefs at Little Rock who taught him that very useful skill.)

He loves all things about hiking and camping. He's willing to take shorter hikes that Lauren is able to manage and longer, more challenging hikes with the big kids.

He's a great military leader.

He compliments my cooking and is willing to try new things. Just this week he told me that roasted brussels sprouts weren't as bad as he feared.

In a pinch, he's a great barber.

He cheers me on when I run. He loves running with me when we can make our schedules align, and he doesn't even complain that I slow him down.

He shares his singing talents with youth in our church. This is his second year coaching a chorus for Leadership Training for Christ, and he spent most of one day a few weeks ago recording audio tracks so that everyone could practice at home.

He's a great student, even though he never wanted as many degrees as the Air Force thinks he should have.

Thank you for being such a leader for our family.

I pray that God blesses us with many more years together.

I'm sharing my "T is for Tim" thoughts with my blogging friends that are working through the alphabet together. 

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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  1. Maybe you should have called it T for Terrific. :)

  2. This post makes me miss y'all! You are such a fun family!
    And.... I need some major tips and tricks for Disney! We are hoping to go week after Thanksgiving and we will be on a major huge budget, but the kids have never been, so we need to see and do it all!

  3. Aw - What a sweet post! Your family is a blessing and encouragement to me. I'm so glad we actually got to meet in real life!

  4. T is for talented, thoughtful, Tim! Thanks for linking up with me. Love a woman who loves her man enough to blog about him!

    Hmmmm . . . guess I should have blogged T is for Tom. Oops.



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