Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A is for Addison

I asked Addison to help me come up with some things about herself so that I could write this blog entry. I came up with a scribbled list of random tidbits that only starts to describe her. We mentioned the way that she is slightly obsessed with the Civil War. Maybe something rubbed off during her third grade study of American History and the many Civil War battlefields that we toured that year. We also talked about how she has a "reader's vocabulary" -- she knows lots of words, but perhaps not how to pronounce them. Our favorite mispronunciation stories include words like spon-ti-nigh-i-ty and epi-tome (with a long o sound).

Despite my best efforts, though, I cannot figure out how to best capture her somewhat goofy sense of humor. Perhaps it's something that I appreciate because I share a similar sense of humor. My husband just looked at us strangely as we spent a good ten minutes at dinner last night replacing movie titles with the word bacon -- Forrest Bacon, The Princess Bacon, Beauty and the Bacon, Gone with the Bacon, Ba-ConAir, and so on. It's the same sense of humor that makes us take pictures of signs like this:

Instead of just rambling on for a page and a half, I'll limit my blog entry about Addison to just one list.

Twenty somewhat random things my oldest child likes:

1. Singing. She toured with the Celebration Singers of Central Arkansas last summer and recently joined the Tucson Girls Chorus.

2. Listening to music, especially 80s rock bands.

3. Trying new foods, as long as it isn't a vegetable. Lima beans are the only acceptable vegetable in Addison's world.

4. Carbs -- crash hot potatoes, pasta, etc.

5. Vinegar on her french fries

6. Macy's

7. Swimming

8. Running

9. Living in a big city

10. Hiking and camping

11. Reading. She's been a huge Harry Potter fan since she was 6 years old.

12. DIY projects -- crocheting, knitting, making friendship bracelets, sewing her own purse, and more

13. Pinterest

14. Cheesecake Factory. Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge comes in as a close second in the contest for her favorite restaurant.

15. Bacon

16. Texting her friends

17. Disney -- Disney movies, Disney World, and more. She'd love to be a dancer in one of the Disney shows or parades some day.

18. The Princess Bride and Moulin Rouge (her favorite movies)

19. A place to call her own (even if it is just an air mattress in the corner of a shared bedroom)

20. Good headphones

I suppose this list could go on for quite a while longer, and I'd still leave a lot out. She'll probably be annoyed that her Converse tennis shoes (the ones that all of her chorus friends signed) didn't get their picture on the blog. I think I'll just have to consider this brief peek into her life sufficient for today and quit rambling.

I'm excited about blogging through the alphabet for the next few months. Please stop back each week to see what I'm sharing, and click the banner below if you'd like to see what other bloggers have on their minds.

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  1. what a cutie. I like bacon and The Princess Bride, too. And I crochet.

    We've also done the bacon movie titles at our house.

    I think we would get along really well!

    Thanks for joining me!



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