Friday, September 7, 2012

God's Timing

I recently realized that I was running a bit low on one of Lauren's transplant medicines, and since we are still waiting to see her new cardiology team, I just ordered more from our mail-order pharmacy. That was twelve days ago. It took them nearly a week to process the refill request, but the tracking information showed that it was shipped from near Phoenix on Tuesday morning. I started to worry last night when the bottle barely had enough left in it for her evening dose.

This morning I considered it a miracle when I was able to get one more dose out of the bottle. I started calling around to pharmacies in the area in case the medicine didn't come in today's mail. At first I was optimistic. CVS pharmacies can only check the inventory in their individual stores so I was confident that one of them would have some. Nope. None of the Super Wal-Mart stores had any either. Neither did a few independent pharmacies that were suggested by the other stores. I finally gave up and called Walgreens, even though they no longer work with our insurance company. The kind pharmacist at our closest Walgreens told me that there was none of that medicine available at any Walgreens store in Arizona; apparently, it's been on a manufacturer back-order for about two months.

I was starting to panic.

I prayed and waited for the mail to come.

Our miracle today:

God is Good All The Time and All The Time God is Good!


  1. I love stories of God's timing! So glad God gave you a miracle today!

  2. Oh man I bet that is stressful! I've started preordering gabe's meds way in advance. It's crazy how long it can take! So glad she got what she needed!

  3. I'm usually more on the ball with the ordering. This was a perfect storm brewing -- delayed appointment with her new cardiology team because of records that got lost, a new prescription that isn't for our typical 3 month supply, excessive processing time once I submitted the refill request, and a bottle that says it was for 2 months but only holds enough meds for 53 days. I will definitely be ordering much earlier next time.

  4. God does fight our battles for us....He is good and faithful every day! I'm so happy for you, and I can imagine the panic! I'm so thankful your meds arrived! It seems like you guys are thriving, as you always do! Miss you! Jerri



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