Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goal Planning September 10th (or 11th)

Once again, I didn't post goals before my kickboxing class and I was too worn out to post afterwards. Better to post a day late (again) than to not even think about what I'd like to accomplish with my week.

Last week's goals:

1. Bible reading: I'm at August 20th. Baby steps.

2. Meal Planning: DONE!!!

3. Exercise: I haven't given up, but I'll admit to huddling beside the pool yesterday instead of doing any water aerobics. My definition of warm enough to get in the pool differs from my children's opinion.

4. Blog about all the pictures we took this weekend. Some of them were posted and others will be coming soon (hopefully).

This week's goals:

I have a scribbled list on the back of last week's grocery list where I jotted down a bunch of things that I need to do. I look at it and don't feel inspired. You see, to me goals are big accomplishments, and this week's list is a random collection of little things. Instead of typing up goals, I'm going to celebrate the little accomplishments. I'll post a full list next Monday (before Kickboxing), and I'll see if I prefer to post goals or celebrate accomplishments.

Accomplishments so far this week:
1. Printed some school materials -- part of the pages for a unit on Salt that we're starting and the student pages for the first lesson of a new Pilgrim study.
2. Typed up a summary of Lauren's GI history for an appointment this morning.
3. Talked to Lauren's insurance case manager about OT and PT referrals. Made about a dozen more phone calls searching for providers in this area.
4. Hemmed Brennan's boy scout pants so that he can wear them tonight.
5. Made extra pizza muffins to have in the freezer for quick lunches.

I'm not off to a bad start...

I'm linking my Goal Planning Monday post with others at Real Life Unscripted. Feel free to click the button above to join us!

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  1. Is your pizza muffin recipe on your blog? I have never heard of that before, and I am quite sure I could make a good gluten free version if yours is not. Muffins is one thing we have figured out! (in other words I found a really good mix you can add things to.)




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