Friday, June 9, 2017

Answered Prayers

I could've posted this picture late Wednesday night, labeled it Wordless Wednesday and moved on. But it seemed like such a shame not to tell the story behind the picture, so I saved it until I had time to type it all out.

This is a picture I took of Lauren (and Berry the stuffed bear) as we were dropping her off for camp Wednesday afternoon. She was so excited to be there.

It was, however, a stressful few days leading up to camp. Sunday was the final chorale performance for this season -- their big production at a theater in town. With that performance comes lots of extra rehearsals and several late nights. Lauren's body doesn't generally do well with that sort of stress. 

On Saturday night, I took Lauren to Urgent Care because her eyes were bright red and swollen. We came home with ointment and eye drops.

On Sunday morning, Lauren looked worn out and pretty sick (swollen eyes making it all worse). She insisted that she was fine and could go to the chorale dress rehearsal and performance. Tim and I were afraid that she'd get sick before the show even started. Even worse, we knew if she got sick on Sunday that there was a good chance she wouldn't make it to camp this week.

Tim shared with the Praise Team at church how worried he was that Lauren wouldn't make it to camp, and I shared with some of my online friends. There were lots of people praying that Lauren would be healthy enough to go to the camp she's been looking forward to for so long.

We held our breath during the whole chorale performance on Sunday afternoon. Every time her group came out on stage we frantically scanned through the singers to make sure she was still feeling well enough to sing. Afterwards she was tired but actually looked better than we feared.

On Sunday evening and through the day Monday, I started worrying that she was getting dehydrated. Late Monday night, I took her to the ER to make sure she was okay and she got extra IV fluids to help her out. On Tuesday, I spent much of the day tracking down her GI doctors and making sure that she'd be medically cleared for camp. (Since this camp serves kids with medical needs, we needed to make sure she wasn't going to expose anyone to something contagious.) We kept praying that somehow or other she'd be okay for camp.

And that's how we ended up at camp Wednesday afternoon with one very excited little girl. She was looking forward to a week of archery, fishing, horesback riding, campfires, and so much. 

Most importantly, she was looking forward to just being a regular kid this week. The medical staff at camp is amazing, and nobody minds that she has a complicated medical history, that she brought four bags of medicine, that she has a long list of food allergies, or anything else. Their primary goal for this week is to make sure she gets to enjoy doing all the fun stuff any regular kid would do!

I can't wait until she gets back next week to hear how much fun she had.

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