Friday, July 8, 2016

Why My Purse Weighs More Than Eight Pounds {52 Lists}

I recently found a fun 52 Lists blog link-up on Chasing Slow. This week's topic is "The Things You Keep in Your Purse." Since I had fun reading all the posts about what other bloggers keep in their purses, I thought I'd jump in with my own list.

52 lists with Chasing Slow

For quite a while I've been thinking about how heavy my bag has felt lately. Being a mom of a child with multiple medical needs and having medical needs myself means that I carry a lot of things with me wherever I go. It all adds up to one heavy bag.

Here's what I found when I took everything out of my purse tonight:

1.  Lauren's medical bag with thermometer, spare feeding tube and supplies, spare medicines, a vial of Solu-Cortef, injection supplies, two epi-pens (junior strength), latex-free bandaids, and a few hospital masks
2.  My diabetes kit with glucose monitor, lancets, test strips, insulin pen, and a handful of pen needles
3.  Another set of epi-pens (regular strength) for my son
4.  A glucagon injection kit in case of a diabetic emergency
5.  A squeeze pouch of applesauce, some glucose tablets, and a container of jelly beans in case of low blood sugars
6.  Three pens, two pencils
7.  Two portables chargers for iPhones, iPads, etc
8.  A stack of loyalty cards, gift cards, etc
9.  A spare set of ear buds
10. A finger fidget that Lauren handed me sometime
11. A granola bar
12. A package of raisins
13. A single-serve container of vinaigrette salad dressing
14. Two roller bottles of essential oils
15. A container of solid hand lotion
16. Two lip balms (Chap Stick for Lauren, Burts Bees for me)
17. Hand Sanitizer
18. Baby nail clippers
19. Two spare ponytail holders
20. My keys
21. Wallet and checkbook
22. Kindle Fire
23. My calendar/planner

I was surprised that there weren't any scraps of paper or receipts thrown haphazardly in the bottom of my purse. Then I remembered cleaning all of those out while I waited in the line at the Chick Fil A drive through this afternoon. (I love the way they have trashcans between the order area and the pick-up area. Lauren and I always clean up the car while we wait.)

I often throw a knitting project in my purse, but it was in a separate bag today.

No wonder my purse has felt so heavy lately!

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  1. It's so nice to have you join us! I can imagine that your purse is a form a life line. I actually need to add some snacks into my purse to avoid feeling ill if I get a meal late.

    And yay for no scraps of paper and receipts!

    There is another list up for this week. I try to post every Thursday morning and usually keep the linky open for a few days longer. I do hope that you will continue to join us.

    1. Thank you for keeping the linky open a few extra days. I'll try to get caught up with this week's list soon.

  2. You've got a lot in your purse!! Our local Dairy Queen has the garbage can right after the pick-up window in the drive-thru. We use it whenever we go there. :)

  3. You do have a lot in your purse!
    blessings, Dawn



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