Monday, March 28, 2016

Homeschooling When Your Classroom is a Waiting Room

One of the amazing things about being a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew is the amazing friendships I've formed with other homeschool bloggers and the incredible support I've received. This week many crew bloggers are sharing the tips and tricks we've discovered while homeschooling.

It seems like we've had various times in our homeschool years when I've spent more time juggling doctors' appointments than I have sticking to the instructions in my teachers' manuals. I remember one year when we lived near Washington DC, where I counted up more than 200 doctors' appointments. When we lived in Arkansas, Lauren had some sort of therapy (physical, occupational, or speech therapy) nearly every day of the week. We've had some quieter years since then, but unfortunately we're now back on the frequent flyer plan. Thankfully, I have a few tricks up my sleeves to make homeschooling for the next few months a bit less stressful.

For the rest of this week I'll be sharing some of the helpful tricks I've learned during those times when medical needs try to take over our lives.

The rest of the posts in this series:
1. Find at least one subject that can be done independently.
2. Take advantage of travel time.
3. Be prepared.
4. Remember you don't have to be SuperMom.

Since this is a Schoolhouse Crew sponsored blog hop, I'd like to share the links to some of my friends who will also be blogging this week. I'm sure they'd love to have some of my readers stop by, and I'm also sure that you'll find lots of helpful tips this week.

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  1. I LOVE this! We have homeschooled in plenty of waiting rooms, in the car on the way to the clinic, etc. Out of state doctor visits are always trying, but we manage to turn those into field trips.

  2. should be an interesting series to read. I'll try to come back. :)

  3. I want to read Cassandra's blog because apparently she's figured out what normal is.

  4. I'm interested to see what you share here. It's never been an issue for us but I do know others where the waiting room takes up a large part of their week so I'll be sharing with them.

  5. I am interested in reading your tips!

  6. Can't wait! We don't spend every day but a few days a month in a waiting room. I could use some tips.



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