Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What's in my bag? {July Blogging Challenge}

Tonight instead of merely listing what's in my purse, I'm going to make a list of all the things I think are in my purse and then see how close I come.

I'll add pictures of the things I guessed correctly.

1. A set of Auvi-Q epinephrine injectors for Lauren. (Brennan has his extra set of epi-Pens with him at camp this week. I normally carry both.)

2. My glucagon injection kit in case of a diabetic emergency.

3. A pouch of unsweetened applesauce for low blood sugars.

4. My glucose meter.

5. My wallet (with a new credit card to replace the one that had fraudulent activity earlier this week).

6. A few erasable pens, a pencil, and a crayon stub. I realized how desperately I needed a real own during church last week when I couldn't write a check for the offering. I hope I remembered to put a real pen in there too. (Yay! There was a real pen in there.)

7. My Kindle Fire.

8. A few Mickey Mouse surgical masks for Lauren. (Only one in my purse, but there are others in the car.)

9. A Buzzy Bee for blood draws and a handful of latex-free band aids.

10. Burt's Bees tinted lip gloss. (And another one, too.)

11. Baby nail clippers.

12. An old shopping list

13. A pack of gum.

14. Essential oil roller blend for a headache I had a few weeks ago.

15. My sunglasses (maybe). They might be in the car.

Oops. They must be out in the car. (I hope.)

16. A set of earbuds

17. An extra hairband (or four).

18. Kleenex

19. The checkbook 

20. My new reading glasses

What else I found:

1. A bottle of nail polish

2. Portable cell phones be charger

3. Library and store reward cards

4. Snacks

5. Mini Leatherman

6. Spare syringe

7. Hand sanitizer 

8. Contact lens prescription, coupon to Family Christian, and a bunch of old papers and receipts to throw away.

I did a pretty good job of guessing and remembering everything I've dropped in my purse lately. And now that I've taken pictures of everything and thrown away the trash, it's all neatly organized again.

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  1. Fraudulent credit card activity, ugh! I'm impressed with your organization.

  2. You are a brave woman! I would be afraid to admit what is in my purse. Maybe I should add that to 34 Weeks of Clean! haha

    1. You should! Even though it's clean this morning, it'll need it again before too long.



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