Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ten Things About Me {July Blogging Challenge}

Apparently I haven't exactly been following the July Blogging Challenge rules. I didn't read the fine print. I was basing my posts on the graphic with all the topics instead of the full explanation for each day found either on A Glimpse of Our Life or This Day Has Great Potential.

The graphic said that today's challenge was "10," and I was trying to think of what kind of list I could make that had 10 items (other than ten things that absolutely must get done today).

Instead the challenge was to list ten things that I like about myself. That's a lot harder, but I'll give it a shot.

1. It takes a lot to rattle my nerves. I may worry, but I don't freak out easily.

2. I can knit or crochet while reading. A lot of my projects are done during read-aloud time at school. In fact, I struggle to read aloud without having something to keep my hands busy.

3. I'm a runner. I wasn't very athletic as a child so being a runner is kind of a huge thing for me.

4. I love challenges -- racing in a triathlon, decorating an amazing cake based on a Pinterest idea, tacking a tough knitting pattern, etc.

5. I can be either a night owl or an early bird. Often I'm both, but those days require copious amounts of coffee.

6. I like corny math or grammar jokes (and using words like copious).

7. I'm nearly always on time. It aggravates me to be late.

8. I've learned to make some pretty amazing allergy-friendly meals. Necessity truly is the mother of invention.

9. I like supporting my friends, both in real life and online. My support may come in the form of a sarcastic comment, though. I can only be serious for brief intervals before I have to find some way to find the humor in the situation or just to laugh at something random.

10. I pay attention to details and am a bit of a perfectionist. It would've driven me crazy to leave this list with anything less than ten things I like about myself.

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