Thursday, July 9, 2015

Artistic Inspiration {July Blogging Challenge}

I'm not very artistic. I love doing craft projects like knitting socks or crocheting baby blankets, but I don't sketch or paint or create anything that I'd label as "art."

If I were going to paint, though, I'd do a mountain scene. Some people might be beach people and love pictures of sand and water. Deep down I think I'm a mountain person. I love seeing the silhouette of the mountain peaks against the early morning light at dawn, the bright blue sky at midday, and the glow of a sunset in evening.

While driving up (and back down) the mountain to go to church camp yesterday, I stopped and took these mountain pictures.

I may not ever paint a landscape scene like one of these, but maybe someday I'll have one of my photographs printed and framed to have my own art to display.

Photography can count as art, right?

July Blogging Challenge

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