Monday, December 8, 2014

Diabetes Still Didn't Win

Last Fall, I posted a #showmeyourpump picture after finishing a Sprint Triathlon.

Yesterday's Half Marathon was a rematch of sorts:

I ran a half-marathon, and diabetes tried hard to keep me from finishing. I boarded a bus to the starting line nearly two hours before race start so I carried my glucose monitor with me in a waist pack. Just moments before the race started, a quick blood sugar check showed that it had dropped to 74 -- much too low to start a run, much less a 13.1 mile run. I swallowed the first emergency gel I had with me and started running. At about a quarter of a mile into the race, there was an aid station that offered power gels. I grabbed one and held it like a security blanket for the next few miles. Thankfully, the power gel that I eventually ate about 6 miles into the run and a bunch of cups of Gatorade at the aid stations kept my glucose numbers high enough to finish the whole race.

My official race time was 2 hrs, 21 minutes, and 38 seconds. Take that Diabetes!

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