Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Big Finish Line

Lsat night I posted about how I had finished a half-marathon on Sunday morning.

That finish line was rather small, especially compared to the bigger excitement late Sunday night.

After 53 weeks in Afghanistan, Tim came home from his deployment.

Surviving the deployment was a huge marathon for all of us.

I know I couldn't have made it on this end without the support of my church family here in Arizona. Some of our many supporters joined me at the airport to welcome him home:

You all are awesome! Thanks for everything.

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  1. So proud of you and the example you set! Welcome home Tim and congrats to your sweet family!

  2. Wonderful pictures! Love it! So happy you are all together again. Thanks for sharing the moment through pictures.

  3. So thankful he is home, safe and happy with his family again. Praising God for His goodness. - Lori

  4. I was crying in my doctor's waiting room this morning reading this.



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