Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Trident Case for our iPad {Schoolhouse Crew Review}

For Christmas a few years ago, our family received an iPad for everyone to share. I love having an iPad for so many reasons. It has our educational apps, an entire library of books to read, and movies to make long waits a bit more bearable.

While having an iPad relieved stress on long trips and during long appointments, it added to my stress level in other ways. I bought a case for it, but I still worried that it would get broken or that the screen would get cracked.

Our new Kraken A.M.S. Case for Apple iPad 2/3/4 made by Trident Case has relieved my anxiety. We now have a case that completely surrounds our iPad and protects it against all sorts of accidents.

The Kraken A.M.S. iPad case consists of three parts that work together to protect the iPad -- a faceplate with a clear plastic screen protector, a silicone sleeve that provides cushioning, and a hard plastic back plate. Our old iPad case opened like a book and really only protected the iPad when the case was closed. Of course, I could imagine seven thousand scenarios where the iPad could get dropped when the case was open. With the Kraken A.M.S. case, I still fuss when one of the kids tries to snatch the iPad from another one, but I'm no longer worried that wrestling over who gets the next turn will lead to major iPad damage.

At first I thought the Kraken case seemed bulky and heavy. Appearances can be deceiving, though, and it actually weighs less than our previous case. In fact, we had company in town and pulled out the kitchen scale to weigh several iPads in different styles of cases. Our iPad in its Kraken case was the lightest of all. As for my initial thoughts that it was bulky, I've changed my mind. The case actually makes it easier to keep a solid grip on the iPad when I'm reading or working.

Trident cases are designed to allow the user full access to all of the iPad's features. The screen protector layer fit snugly over the screen and did not seem to diminish the responsiveness of the touchscreen at all. I had my 13-year-old son test out the responsiveness with several of his video games, and he didn't find any reason to complain. Also, since the case has appropriate openings for the cameras, it was easy for my daughter to use the iPad to shoot a few videos. She could focus on the video and not be fussing with a case that kept getting in the way of the camera. All of the device controls and ports on the iPad are protected by the case's silicone layer, but we had no problems plugging in headphones or connecting charging cords.

These cases come in a wide variety of colors. Our family was thrilled to see a maroon option because it looks a lot more like Sooner Red than most bright red cases. We also found that having a colored case made it easier to find if someone left the iPad on the couch half-hidden under a cushion or on the floor half-hidden under a couch. Military families like ours might be interested in Trident's line of cases that have military logos on them. I personally think Tim's iPad mini would look great with a picture of a cargo plane on it.

No, I haven't intentionally dropped our iPad since we received our new case. I'm not sure it's even been dropped accidentally during the past few weeks. (At least nobody has 'fessed up to dropping it lately.) I did feel confident enough in the way this case protects the iPad that I let my son take the iPad on a trip across the country with his grandparents. He loves that he can just slip the iPad into his backpack and know that the screen is always protected.

I'm thrilled to have such a wonderful case protecting our iPad. I still have to mediate fights over which child gets the next turn, but now I don't have to worry about something (or someone) accidentally breaking it.

The Kraken AMS Case for iPad 2/3/4 costs $69.95. A stand attachment that will allow an iPad to sit upright for viewing is sold separately for $19.95.

Trident cases are designed for users of all ages and for use in all sorts of situations. They meet military specifications and are tested for resistance to rain, dust, and vibration damage. They've also passed tests to prove the device can survive being dropped. Maybe I could've let the kids drop the iPad so that we could test it out for ourselves.

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  1. My grandson DID drop ours, more than once, and the case held up wonderfully!! Great review!

    1. That's good to know because I'm sure it won't be long before ours is dropped (or flung across the room when one child tries to snatch it from another).



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