Monday, April 7, 2014

Homeschooling Thankfulness -- Choosing our Favorite Subjects

As members of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew started talking about a Blog Hop, I had a terrible time coming up with a single topic that I could blog about for five consecutive days. I cook dinner (allergy-friendly dinners) for my family, but I couldn't think of five meal ideas worth sharing. I manage my diabetes, but I didn't want to whine about that for five days. Our schoolwork is rather eclectic, but not always very exciting.

What I most wanted to tell people was why I love homeschooling or why homeschooling works for our family. I identified the five reasons why I'm thankful that we homeschool several weeks ago, but I thought to ask Addison's opinion a few days ago. The first thing she said was coincidentally the first thing on my list: "I can do whatever I want to do in terms of electives." I'm thankful for all the choices that we have when choosing homeschool materials, both in terms of electives and in terms of traditional subjects.

When Addison decided on a foreign language course, she was free to choose any language, with the only caveat that I'd have to be able to find a curriculum for it. She chose German, not necessarily an unusual choice but one that may not be offered at many high schools.

In terms of science, Addison chose to postpone taking physics this year (the traditional sequence) so that she could take more math classes and prepare for a calculus based physics option in the future. She is finishing an Advanced Biology class that focused on Anatomy and Physiology. I wish I could've taken Anatomy instead of Chemistry II when I was in school.

For her electives, Addison has completed a few traditional classes such as home economics and computer programming. In addition, we created two electives courses based on her love for music: Music Theory and Performance for her freshman year, and Music History and Performance for her sophomore year.

I'm thankful that Addison's high school options are not limited by the specific classes offered by a single high school. There are so many homeschool materials available that her study opportunities sometimes seem limitless.

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  1. What a wonderful topic - thank you for the reminder that we do have such amazing opportunities when homeschooling! I love how you have shown exactly the point of homeschooling (well, one of them)...that we can cater to the gifts of our children. I really enjoyed reading your post and look forward to tomorrow! Blessings, Dawn

  2. This is a great topic! Today we are having a very rough Monday. I need to think about the things that I'm thankful for on this journey and try to push on through the rest of the day!

  3. Really enjoyed reading this! It sounds like your daughter has a good plan. My son graduates next year and still unsure of a plan. He keeps changing his mind which is very frustrating to me.

  4. This is our first year homeschooling, but I agree, the flexibility is great. How is she enjoying German? What program did she use?

  5. We also love the freedoms homeschooling has for our children. Giving them the individual plans to choose the subjects that will help them in their futures.. The best part of homeschooling. Great post. Look forward to reading your others this week..



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