Friday, August 9, 2013

The Craziest Picnic Idea Ever

It started one day when I was making tentative plans for Thanksgiving Dinner.

It seemed like the only thing we could all agree upon having was turkey. Some people wanted mashed potatoes and others wanted sweet potatoes. Some wanted green bean casserole and others wanted to fix green bean bundles because they were more allergy friendly. Cranberries were a must, but we couldn't agree on whether it should be cranberry sauce or a jellied cranberry salad.

I started thinking about having a simple Thanksgiving dinner. I knew that I'd never simplify if I was fixing the meal at home, though.

I'm not sure I was really serious when I remarked, "Maybe we could have our Thanksgiving meal out at the national park."

The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea.

If I was transporting the entire dinner, I had to limit the number of side dishes I fixed. We all had a say in picking our favorites, but I didn't have to fix a gazillion different things.

Here's a picture of what I finally settled on for our Thanksgiving feast -- mashed sweet potatoes with cranberry sauce topping, turkey (already sliced), dressing (gluten-free), gravy (for the turkey and dressing), green bean bundles, rolls and butter. Everything packed up nicely into insulated casserole dish carriers and was still warm when we found a picnic table about 15 minutes later.

Unfortunately, we don't have a great picture of us all eating that day. 

We do have lots of wonderful memories of the year that Mom was crazy enough to pack up Thanksgiving dinner and serve it on a picnic table about 15 minutes from home.

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