Sunday, July 28, 2013

Layered Salt Art

A few months ago, I remembered a salt art project that my kids did several years ago. I gathered the supplies so that Addison could do it with the precampers at church camp. Since Lauren didn't remember doing it before, we made our own version during Mommy-and-Me camp in June.

layered salt art


* Regular table salt
* Sidewalk chalk in various colors
* Small bowls or cups (I used disposable ones)
* Clear containers (I used an old spice jar and baby food jars)


1. Choose colors of sidewalk chalk. Lauren went with a rainbow theme.

2. Pour a bit of salt into a bowl or cup. Use a piece of sidewalk chalk to stir the salt until it reaches the desired intensity. It takes quite a while sometimes. Repeat with the remaining pieces of chalk.

3. Carefully spoon colored salt into the clear container.

4. If desired, you can use a pencil to poke down into the layers of sand to make hills and valleys in the layers. We did that for the one in the baby food jar.

5. Repeat layers until the container is completely full. It's best to leave as little air space as possible at the top of the container so that the layers don't shift as easily when the jar is handled.

6. Pose for goofy pictures with your finished project.

7. (Optional) Use leftover colored salt to do color mixing experiments.

S is for Salt and for our Layered Salt Art. When the precampers did it at church camp, it was part of a lesson about serving our friends. Each child mixed a color of salt and then they all shared to create the layers in their project. Addison said it was one of the favorite lesson activities they did that week.

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