Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tech-Free Tuesday

I decided to institute "Tech-Free Tuesdays" at our house this summer. I figured we all need a little extra practice on learning how to entertain ourselves without relying on electronic devices or an internet connection. I had hoped to plan some fun activities to do on Tuesdays, but summer rolled around and today was just another appointment filled day. I feared that I'd lose my momentum if I didn't implement our first Tech-Free Tuesday when I said I would so I pressed forward hoping it wouldn't turn out to be a disaster.

What we did when we turned off our electronics today:

1. Lauren and I played Scrabble while we waited for her turn at the doctor's office. Since the travel board folded up nicely, we finished the game while dinner was cooking.

2. Brennan and I read another half-dozen chapters in his current read-aloud. (Lauren's read-aloud is on my iPad so it had to wait until tomorrow.)

3. We went to the library, and three out of the four of us left happy. Addison was disappointed that she couldn't find any of the books she was hoping to find on the shelves. Who knew that Les Mis, Catcher in the Rye, Stranger in a Strange Land, and Gone with the Wind would be so hard to find?

4. Three of us started a game of Monopoly, and it's left out for us to finish sometime tomorrow.

5. While waiting for Lauren's physical therapy appointment, I convinced her to read a few paragraphs out of some new chapter books that came in the mail today.

6. While I was gone to therapy, Brennan started reading one of his library books. He read 11 chapters already today.

7. When we had a few minutes to wait while picking Addison up after chorus this evening, I let Lauren play on the playground equipment instead of just handing her an iPod or the iPad to pass the time.

8. I got a lot more housework done than I normally would have on a day like today because I wasn't distracted by checking my email.

I think our first Tech-Free Tuesday was a success. Maybe I'll continue the idea even once summer has passed.

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