Monday, October 8, 2012

Goal Planning Monday -- October 8th

I had quite a productive week last week, and I'm hoping to build on those successes as I head into a busy week of moving and unpacking. All of our household goods were packed up about three months ago, and the moving truck will finally be delivering them to our new house on Wednesday. We're all excited to be moving out of our a-little-bit-too-cozy two bedroom apartment and to unpack the stuff that's been in storage for so long.

Last week's goals:

1. Bible reading: I'm all caught up!!! I'm so glad I didn't give up a few weeks ago when I was so far behind. My year-long Bible365 goal is within reach again.

2. Reviews: Some done, all are at least partially drafted.

3. Packing: We probably only have one load left to take from our apartment to our new house. The movers deliver our household goods on Wednesday.

4. Hem Addison's chorus dress: It was finished in plenty of time, and the parent checking the dress said it looked "perfect." (Insert happy dance here.)

5. Share the First Day pictures that I took today. Done; you can see them here.

This week's goals:

1. Not let my Bible reading slip by the wayside when my week gets busy.

2. Remember that I want to be intentional with our unpacking. I've been reading a lot about adopting a more simple lifestyle -- a life that allows our family to flourish instead of fret, a life that is defined by living and not by trying to manage stuff.

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  1. Simple... living a simple lifestyle is not a simple thing to do. I wish you success on that and in your move and unpacking. Great job on getting caught up in your Bible reading. I am making progress with mine but I can't seem to get it done EVERY day, a goal of mine. I always seem to skip a day or two. "See you" on Monday when we link up again. God Bless.



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