Monday, October 1, 2012

Goal Planning Monday -- October 1st

I'm not exactly sure why last week ended up so busy. Maybe it was the kickboxing workout that was harder than usual. Maybe it was the five medical appointments that I took Lauren to. Maybe it was a blog post (or two) that struggled to get from my mind to my keyboard. Maybe it was just one of those weeks.

In any case, I didn't post any goals last week. Instead of beating myself up over missing a week now and then, I'm going to press forward with my overall goal to do the best I can.

Last week's goals Goals from two weeks ago:

1. Finish hemming Addison's dress. I finished my first attempt, but it ended up all crooked, hanging nicely one inch off the ground in places and dragging the floor in others. Grrr...

2. Finish the baby blanket. DONE!!! I even sewed in the loose ends before I started working on my next blanket.

3. Continue with daily Bible reading. I didn't get caught up by the end of September, but I'm still plugging along.

4. Make time for reading books. I read one library book recently, and I finished a few short ebooks on my nook. I love having books on my nook, but they don't stare at me and beg me to read them the way that actual books do.

5. Finish meal planning. All the initial meal-planning work is done. I still want to type it all up and perhaps add in a few extra features.

6. Pick favorite pictures for Christmas gifts. Not Done (yet).

This week's goals:

1. Bible reading: I have three more days of Old Testament readings. It'll be easier to double up on the readings when I'm in more familiar New Testament passages; the readings in the minor prophets are more difficult for me.

2. Reviews: Finish up a few reviews that I have in the works. I want to have as much done as possible before we start unpacking in our new house.

3. Packing: We'll move out of our temporary apartment in about a week and a half, and I know that there's plenty of books, games, and other extras that can be packed up now.

4. Hem Addison's chorus dress: It has to be done by Thursday afternoon. (Have I mentioned how much I hate hemming?)

5. Share the First Day pictures that I took today.

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