Monday, October 1, 2012

Beeyoutiful Makeup (Schoolhouse Crew Review)


Except for a few years where I either lifeguarded or taught swim lessons every day, I've always gotten up in the mornings and put on my makeup. I tend towards a natural style, but I nearly always wear some. For the past several years, though, I've noticed that my makeup fades quickly, and by mid-morning, it looks like I didn't bother to put any on.

I have been very, very impressed with the mineral makeup I recently received from Beeyoutiful Skin.

Right off the bat, I noticed the way the luxurious foundation brush allowed the foundation powder to evenly cover my face. The foundation itself did a far better job of hiding problem red spots than my usual brand of powder. I experimented a bit with the small pink container of eye color, using it as both a blush and a lip color in addition to eye shadow. I love the foil effect I get when I use a damp brush to apply the powder as lipstick.

My biggest surprise was when I came home from an evening party and realized that I still looked as nice as I did just moments after putting on my makeup. Last weekend, I did my makeup early on Sunday morning, went to church, and then went to a picnic outside. I looked a bit windblown when we got home in the middle of the afternoon, but the Beeyoutiful makeup hadn't faded away. It still looked like I had put forth the effort to do my makeup before I went out.

My Beeyoutiful makeup is what I reach for whenever I'm going out and I want to look nice all day long. It doesn't look overdone in the mornings, and it doesn't fade away during my busy days.

Beeyoutiful Skin offers a package similar to what we received -- their Minimalist Dream Make-up Collection which has a foundation, a blusher/bronzer, and a foundation brush for $52. For individual products, the foundation costs $25, the blush/bronzer $16, and the eye color $10. The foundation brush is $11, and the combination brush $6.50.

Beeyoutiful also offers a full line of all natural skin care, essential oils, vitamin supplements, and more. I posted this review of their Miracle Skin Salve and B.A.L.M. Lip Moisturizer last February. Some of the members on the Review Crew received other products to use lately, and I'd encourage you to click the button below to read their thoughts about different Beeyoutiful products.

Disclaimer: I received a package of Beeyoutiful mineral makeup as a member of the 2012 TOS Homeschool Review Crew, and I received no other compensation. In return, I agreed to give an honest review of the materials and how they worked for my homeschool family.


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  1. These products sounds lovely!! Great review :)



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