Sunday, August 5, 2012

First Day Photos (August)

A couple of times I've tried to do a photo-a-day project for an entire year so that I could capture some of the everyday moments that I may forget. Unfortunately, I've never gotten more than a month or two of daily picture taking.

I recently found a photo idea on Journey to Josie that I'll join this month. Instead of worrying about taking a snapshot a day for 365 days, she takes snapshots on the first day of the month to record whatever everyday (or special) events happen. Hopefully, I'll continue this idea every month so that I can have a collection of everyday moments to cherish.

August 1st wasn't necessarily a typical day for our family, but it'll be fun peek into our lives. After waiting a week for repairs to my van, we were finally on the road between Little Rock and Tucson. This day's drive took us from Texarkana (hi Jennifer!) to Abilene, Texas.

If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes.
(That's Tim and the big kids in the silver CRV.)

As the day went on, the trees disappeared.

Unloading the cars for the night. Our major accomplishment was getting everything inside in just one trip.

a geocaching break in the afternoon

This smile's a bit more snaggle toothed than it was that morning. Lauren pulled a loose tooth along the way.

a carefully hidden cache

We finally found the real log.

the travel bug that joined us on the trip to Arizona

Lego tower building with a new friend -- all the way up to the ceiling

still not tired of riding in the car

visiting with old friends before church starts

fast friends, even though they'd never met before

water games after Bible class 

the view from our hotel

tucking the tooth under her pillow


  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fun day! You guys make a road trip look like a breeze. My kids are NOT the best car travelers!



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