Saturday, August 4, 2012

If the dirt's this red... (Think Back Thursday)

If the dirt is this red... we must be in Texas.

I feel like I cheated a little bit with this week's pictures because they aren't all that old. According to Debbie, though, even yesterday counts as in the past, and I wanted to share more pictures from our cross country moving adventure this week.

I took these pictures on Wednesday afternoon when we were geocaching near Abilene, Texas. It was an awesome cache hidden amongst the brush and the cacti. The cache was a fairly good sized ammo box, but the log was hidden inside a trick box in the ammo box. While hunting for the real log to record our find, I encountered a fun trick pen. I jumped and practically threw it at Tim when it shocked my finger. This is perhaps my favorite cache we've found so far this summer.

I'm linking this post with others in the Think Back Thursday meme at Debbie's Digest, and I'd love for you to join me.

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  1. Love that red dirt! My daughters are going to Texas for the very first time in October to visit friends. I love how dirt can change color depending on the minerals that form it. Sooo cool! Of course I am a "rock hound" at heart having studied Geology 4 years in High School and taking it as a minor in college.

    Thanks for joining my meme. I really appreciate it.



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