Monday, July 2, 2012

Goal Planning Monday -- Moving Stress, July 2nd

I made quite a bit of progress last week, and I continue to work on getting things ready for the move. My oldest daughter told me earlier today that it's sometimes a bit overwhelming when she thinks about how much is going on between now and when she leaves for her choir tour in less than two weeks. I told her that I just kept working on either the next thing on my calendar or something on my to-do list. It's easier to look at small steps than the whole staircase right now.

Last week's goals:

1. Basics: I'm up to date on my Bible reading. The dishes and counters are done tonight, and I think they were caught up a few other times this week.

2. Reading time: nearly everyday, even if it was a fight to get Lauren's cooperation

3. Finish gifts for Lauren's (and Brennan's) therapists. I combined the individual photos to make one picture that I could print as a 4x6 print at Wal-Mart. Lauren helped me glue them to pieces of cardstock, and then the kids wrote an individual thank you note to the therapists that they have worked with most recently.

4. Gather the school materials: I have three piles of books growing on the floor of the kitchen, and I think I've ordered everything that I need for the beginning of the year.

5. Start packing lists: I have a spiral notebook with tons of notes and "don't forgets" in it.

6. Gather all of the relevant medical records and therapy evaluations for everybody. Not yet.

7. Work on my cookbook full of favorites so that I can take it with me. Not yet.

8. Pedicure: I took off the old polish earlier in the week, but procrastinated on putting on new until Sunday morning.

9. Blog: I posted about the baby butterflies yesterday, and I've already edited the geocaching pictures so that I can blog later this week.

10. Pictures: Uploaded to an album to share. I hope I picked ones that will look nice in my parents' kitchen; I tried to find ones that let my kids' personalities shine a bit.

This week's goals:

1. The Basics: Bible reading. Clean dishes and countertops. Reading time.

2. School Materials: Finish gathering everything and find a sturdy box (or several tote bags) to hold them all. Print any planning forms that I think I'll need.

3. Medical Notebook: Gather all the records and evaluations that I'll want to have handy when we meet new doctors.

4. Cookbook

5. My Clothes: Last week I went through Lauren's room and made sure that everything that was outgrown was put either in the Goodwill pile or in the save-for-Carsyn pile. I need to go through my own closet and get rid of anything that I don't love. I also need to figure out which clothes are going with me in a suitcase.

6. Blog: Share our geocaching story and finish up a few reviews.

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  1. Sounds like you are doing very well. Sorry I wasn't much help with your moving with military question.

  2. "I told her that I just kept working on either the next thing on my calendar or something on my to-do list." That is so true. I sometimes get stuck with making lists and don't start doing the things on them ;) You had a productive week. Good luck with your move and knocking out your list this week! Love the "Thank you" picture!!



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