Sunday, July 8, 2012

Enjoying a break in the heat

This week the Homeschool Crew is talking about ways to beat the summer heat.

I haven't figured that one out. I'm not a summer person, and I don't like hot days.

I especially don't like hot, humid days. I'd much rather stay inside in the air conditioning.

This summer, however,  I've made a conscious decision not to complain about the heat. In about two weeks, we're moving someplace that will likely be a whole lot hotter than where we are here. If I keep telling myself that it really isn't hot, then maybe I'll be better conditioned when we feel Arizona heat.

(Wishful thinking, I know.)

This afternoon, we had a welcome break in the heat here in central Arkansas. We even had a few minutes of much-needed rain.

Addison's attitude: "If it rains, I'm going to go running. I'd dance in the rain, but I'm not that good at dancing. Instead, I'll just go run."

It might not have cooled off much, and it may not last very long. This afternoon, though, we enjoyed a not-so-miserable summer day.

Some of my blog friends will likely have better advice about surviving the summer heat, be sure to click the button below to see the other people participating in this week's Blog Cruise. Note: Even though I'm posting on Sunday, the link on the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog won't go live until Tuesday morning.


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  1. We go to Arizona every Spring to visit my Mom and we LOVE everything about it! The whole state is a treasure of adventure!

    I've never been in the Summer, but my Mom said that people just stay in or in the shade in the middle of the day. It's actually pretty cool at night. Unlike here in GA where it stays humid and hot all day and all night!



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