Saturday, September 3, 2011

Homeschool Humor

When I was typing my post for the read-aloud challenge, I repeatedly made the same typo. I kept typing that Addison was going to read The Killer Angles next.

We had quite a bit of a chuckle out of that one. I couldn't help but picture all of these geometric figures marching around the fields of Gettysburg. I shared my mental image with Addison, and then we kept thinking of ways that the angles could attack each other -- using straight angles as spears, poking each other with the sharp points of the acute angles, etc.

What can I say... there's a bit of nerdiness that must run in the family.

This afternoon, Addison illustrated the concept that we had laughed so much about. My husband pointed out that she had drawn the obtuse angle so that it looked too fat, too slow, and too stupid to survive. It was obtuse.

Poor Addison. The nerdiness that runs in our family comes from both sides.


  1. Though the obtuse angle did manage to squash some smaller angles before it died.

  2. roflol

    Same sort of humour in my family as a kid. Sort of miss it, although my 9 year old is catching on too.

    Best wishes



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