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Super Teacher Worksheets {Homeschool Crew Review}

 Super Teacher Worksheets

A few years ago I enjoyed using Super Teacher Worksheets to print out supplemental school materials for Lauren to use on the days we were doing school in the car instead of at home. Once again, we were given the opportunity to use an Individual Membership so that I would have unlimited access to their vast amount of printables.

I know that when I find a new website full of teacher materials, I'm a bit overwhelmed with all that is available. Perhaps the best way to showcase what they offer is to simply show what Lauren has done over the past few weeks.

The worksheets I used most often were the Reading Comprehension pages. They are organized by grade levels from 1st grade through 5th grade and then in a group for Middle School students. In the fifth grade section, there are more than 30 non-fiction articles. Lauren was recently finishing up a study of zoology for science, and I was able to print a handful of worksheets about various animals. I started with Brown Bears and Koala Bears because she's been a bit obsessed with her stuffed bear lately. ("Lauren, maybe you should read about bears so you can tell Berry more about real bears.")

This worksheet package was seven pages long. The initial information was two pages long and then there were three pages for the student to complete. The last two pages were an answer key.

The reading comprehension questions contained a mixture of fact-based and inference-based questions:

In this particular set of worksheets, new vocabulary words were practiced using a matching type-exercise. Lauren did other topics that used multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions to reinforce the meanings of new words in the passage.

 In addition to the wide variety of animal based reading comprehension worksheet packets, I also found an entire page of worksheets about the human body, most of them written for a 3rd through 6th grade audience. They are perfect since Lauren's moved from zoology to anatomy in her regular science curriculum.

As you can tell, I'm primarily using Super Teacher Worksheets to fill my need for both reading comprehension activities and science materials that supplement her regular curriculum. I also used Super Teacher Worksheets to encourage Lauren to learn a bit more about things outside of assigned school topics.

For instance, when hurricanes landed in both Texas and Florida recently, I printed out a packet about hurricanes and added it to her assignments. It was ten pages long and included basic hurricane information, the five categories of hurricanes, how hurricanes are named, safety tips, and more. Lauren's favorite questions was this one which required her to apply facts she learned earlier in the packet. (If you're curious, hurricanes did not have boy names until 1979.)

In the next few weeks, Lauren will begin studying Rocks and Minerals for this year's Science Olympiad competition. I'm excited that I found several new resources for her to use.

The first one is a reading comprehension activity similar to the ones she's done about animals or hurricanes or human body parts. The second one looks to be a lot more fun -- a Rocks and Minerals scavenger hunt. She won't actually be finding rock samples on the hunt, but she will use the clue cards she finds hidden around our house to answer questions on the corresponding worksheet.

Even after finding so many great additions to Lauren's on-the-go school assignments, I feel like I'm still discovering cool new things on Super Teacher Worksheets each time I look -- holiday activities, math crossword puzzles, research project outlines, and even a worksheet generator to create my own worksheets. Their Individual Membership plan ($19.95 per year) allows one person unlimited access to all the printables I've mentioned and hundreds more that I've yet to discover.

Super Teacher Worksheets

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