Friday, June 2, 2017

June First Day Photos

I used to post random pictures of the first day of each month and somehow got out of the habit of doing it. On a whim, I snapped a handful of pictures (with my phone) yesterday just to capture a somewhat-ordinary, somewhat-crazy summer day here.

Lauren's first activity with the Firebrand Student Ministry -- breakfast, devo, bowling, more games, and Marco's pizza.

Meanwhile, Brennan needed a ride to the airport in Denver so he could go to a baseball camp at Harding Univeristy (Arkansas).

I made it back home in time for Lauren's PT and then we had time for another quick stop at home. 

Quick change into chorale tennis shoes for the evening's chorale rehearsal:

Storm clouds rolling in over Pike's Peak:

Some of my other projects for the day:

And weekly medicine refill night:

I used a few spare minutes on my way back to chorale to stop in a Salvation Army Thrift store and found some great deals.

And finally, since I couldn't take any pictures of Addison, I begged her to send me one. She didn't have a picture of herself but shared one she took from the top of Stephansdom (Vienna, Austria).

Hopefully, this post of random everyday pictures will be the revival of a monthly First Day Photos habit. 

Since the blog that used to host a First Day Photos link-up is no longer active, I probably need to come up with my own logo to use. Maybe next month -- I'm too busy trying to keep up with all my adventurous kids right now.

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  1. I would love it if someone took up the torch of first day pictures. That would be fun to do each month. What a busy first day!
    Blessings, Dawn



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