Friday, September 23, 2016

Random Five (or Six) on Friday September 23

1. Earlier this week, we toured the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Very impressive!

2. Nearly all of the Science Olympiad events have been assigned, and the kids are already busy studying. Brennan has one study event -- Rocks and Minerals, and two building events -- Hovercraft and Robot Arm. Lauren's studying Rocks and Minerals and Food Science. I think I'm going to be learning a lot about rocks this year.

3. I've been making steady progress on some of my knitting projects lately. I pulled out this part of a knit satchel/purse and blocked it to size. Now I just need to knit the handle and sew it together.

Meanwhile, my cardigan project is inching towards completion. I have about five or six more inches to go on the hood before I can start seaming it together. It shouldn't take too long to sew the seams because it'll just be a seam for each of the sleeves and another for the top of the hood.

4. Addison is performing in Freshman Fanfare this weekend. Although I'm sad we aren't there to see her, I was happy to stream tonight's show and catch a few glimpses of her. It definitely looked like she was having a great time!

5. We had company this week, and they came bearing home grown okra from a friend. Eight pounds of okra. After eating all we could for dinner one night, I made the rest into patties to put in the freezer. I'm not sure which was more strange -- me frying okra patties at 9:30 one night or Brennan walking through to grab a plateful for a late-night snack.

6. According to RunKeeper, I'm still making progress towards my yearly running goal. When I finished this morning, my total was 399 miles (out of 600). Knowing I'm close to reaching a big milestone means I'll lace up my shoes again tomorrow morning.

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  1. I love your knitting projects. I never learned that skill. Good job on running!
    Blessings, Dawn

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