Thursday, July 14, 2016

Life's Trials That Made Me Better

52 lists with Chasing Slow

Life's Trials That Made Me Better:

* Moving umpteen times in my life taught me to be outgoing and resilient

* My husband's deployments taught me to be self-sufficient and fiercely independent

* A lifetime spent as either a military brat or a military spouse taught me an unparalleled sense of patriotism

* A critically ill child taught me about angels, miracles, and the power of prayer

* Food allergies taught me creativity (and the ability to spin meals out of a handful of safe ingredients)

* Chronic medical issues taught me to listen to my gut feelings and to speak up for my child's best interests

It appears that I'm actually a week behind in joining the 52 lists on Chasing Slow. I'll skip this week's challenge to list places I feel safe and pick up next week with a list of my favorite games.

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