Monday, May 2, 2016

Zaxby's, Where? {Years Ago}

It was shortly after we moved to Arkansas that Addison started attending youth group activities at church. While we were excited to see her forming friendships, it took us a while to get used to her having activities that didn't include us.

I found this picture from one of her first youth group activities -- a photo/video scavenger hunt:

If I remember correctly, Tim was helping drive their team to various locations and therefore had Brennan with them. He wasn't old enough for youth group activities until we moved to Arizona.

Anyway, we hadn't been in Arkansas for very long when the teens decided to go out to eat at Zaxby's after church one Sunday night. Addison was able to get a ride with another family, and we just needed to pick her up an hour or so later.

Tim drove to the only Zaxby's we knew and the parking lot was empty. He called Addison to make sure he had gone to the right Zaxby's. She assured him that she was sitting in Zaxby's with a bunch of other people from church. He asked if it was "our regular" Zaxby's. She said yes, of course, she was certain it was the Zaxby's we had been to before (even though she hadn't really paid attention to where she had gone).

Eventually, we found out that while we always ate at a Zaxby's restaurant that was relatively close to our house, she was actually at a Zaxby's much closer to church.

After that mix-up, we started asking for more specific details for our taxi service.

As I finish my fifth complete round of blogging through the alphabet (and one partial round in there), I find myself struggling to come up with new thoughts and stories to share. I owe Addison a special thank you for reminding me of this story so that I'd be able to finish strong.

This week is the last week in our Blogging Through the Alphabet challenge -- letter Z. Congratulations to everyone who has stuck with us for the past twenty-six weeks!

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  1. We love Zaxbys! I am so proud of myself for finishing Blogging through the Alphabet! I got all 26 weeks in, and I'm going to miss it!

    1. Thanks for joining us for the whole crazy journey!

  2. Zaxby's is my son' favorite. And my daughter is now youth group age. Gonna go cry now! :)



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