Friday, May 27, 2016

Five May Adventures

It's been a while since I've posted much of an update about what's going on around here. To wrap up our busy month, I'll share pictures of some of our big adventures lately.

1. Sky Sox baseball game (memories recorded on Tim's blog

2. Addison had a party at our house to celebrate her graduation. My parents came for the celebration, and my sister surprised Addison by coming too. (It was reminiscent of the time 18 years ago when we flew in the belly of a C-17 and surprised my sister by showing up with baby Addison for her graduation.)

3. Tim and I made it to the top of the Manitou Springs Incline. (my blog account and his)

4. Four out of the five of us explored Great Sand Dunes National Park. Next time we'll make sure Addison isn't working.

5. Today we had the rare opportunity to run a 5K Fun Run and actually go inside Cheyenne Mountain. We couldn't take any cameras with us, but we waited in line to get this picture at the entrance. (We waited in an even longer line to get pictures at the blast doors, but I haven't seen them yet.)

Tim's parents are visiting this weekend, and we have plans for lots more adventures. Stay tuned for more pictures!

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