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Exclusive High School Diploma Review

It seems like only yesterday that I was tucking a newborn baby into a wooden cradle in the living room of our tiny apartment in Germany. Somehow I blinked and we had first days of school followed by first days of homeschooling. This week we're celebrating Addison's 18th birthday and preparing for her high school graduation.

We aren't part of a large homeschool group in our area, and therefore all of the graduation celebrations were left up to us. Addison told us months ago that she just wanted to have a party with her friends -- no ceremony, no cap and gown, nothing formal.  "Nothing formal" still left a lot for us to decide on. Thankfully, has everything we need for a graduation celebration that will please Addison.

The biggest decision I had to make was picking a diploma. I considered the Exclusive High School Diploma but ultimately decided that we preferred the Personalized High School Diploma with 8.5" x 11" Deluxe Cover.

We were able to customize nearly everything about Addison's diploma.

The center seal on hers reads, "Excellence in Home Education." There were four other seal options to choose from for a Personalized Diploma. An Exclusive Diploma has different seal options, including some engraved ones that are in full-color.

I was surprised to see there were four choices for the wording on the diploma (and each choice had a few additional options). We opted for a more traditional wording choice and indicated that she had completed an honors course of study. One of the other wording choices has options to recognize twelve years of Christian education or twelve years of home education. Yet another choice recognizes the student's "Godly wisdom and personal maturity based upon faith in Jesus Christ."

Other diploma options include printing a verse or motto on the diploma, customizing the signature lines (ours simply says Father and Mother under the designated place for our signatures), and adding an honors designation.

I found the process for ordering her diploma to be fairly straightforward. The only difficulty I had was deciding amongst all the options. One disappointment was that we weren't not able to see a preview of our customized diploma before it was ordered.

When the diploma arrived, we were very impressed. Addison hasn't seen it yet, but Tim and I are both very pleased with the quality and will be honored to present it to her at her graduation open house next month. also offers a full range of other products needed for a homeschool graduation, including caps, gowns, and tassels. Addison has reluctantly agreed to put on a cap/gown for a few pictures, but is going to use one of the ones that her grandparents have been safely keeping in storage for years. She was excited to choose a school color and then pick a tassel to have for her cap (and then to keep as a memento).

They also offer class rings and graduation announcements/invitations. I received a few samples of the graduation announcements and was impressed with the quality of them.

Diplomas from range in price from $29.99 to $48.99 with some options incurring an additional cost. For reference, Addison's diploma (shown above) has a retail value of $38.64.

Exclusive High School Diploma Review

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