Monday, March 14, 2016

Tap Dancing {Years Ago}

A quick search of my old posts revealed that I've shared ballet pictures before, but I've never talked about my favorite type of dance -- tap dancing.

I believe this picture was my first dance recital, probably in Kindergarten. In an adaptation of the Wizard of Oz, we were train engineers bringing cans of oils to the Tin Men.

The most memorable tap dancing story was a few years later when I was a sixth grader. I don't remember what song I was dancing to, but I think I found a picture in the right costume. That year our school had a school-wide talent show and then the sixth grade classes had another talent show. Since I had a costume and knew a dance, I performed in both of them.

Unfortunately, the sixth grade talent show was held the day of our field trip and picnic. The "stage" for the talent show turned out to be just a cleared off area in the dirt. Tap dancing just isn't the same without a hard floor to hear the taps, but I danced anyway. Even though my dancing kicked up clouds of dust, I danced my heart out anyway. Some of the teachers that saw me later told my parents that I just kept on smiling and dancing, regardless of the circumstances.

I don't have tap shoes anymore, but I still remember a lot of the steps I once knew so well. Every once in a while, I'll do a little shuffle-ball-change or even a time step while I'm hanging around in the kitchen waiting for dinner to cook.

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  1. I enjoy the days when I come home and see a little River Dance going on! :-)

  2. I'm jealous. Tap classes are on my bucket list -- I wanna be one of those dancing Grannies!!

  3. Weren't you a cutie with those little skinny legs :-)

    1. Thank you! I always had long skinny legs. :)

  4. Love it! Amber was never as fond of tap as ballet or lyrical, but she tapped anyway.

  5. I used to take ballet, tap and jazz lessons, and tap was always my favorite!

  6. This made me smile. I LOVED tap, and in fact it was my favorite other than clogging. I still do the same thing in my kitchen too hahaha! #tapdancersforlife lol



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