Tuesday, November 11, 2014

B is for Ballet {Years Ago}

Apparently, when I was teeny tiny I walked with my toes pointed inward. It was so bad that I wore corrective shoes for a while. My mom tells about when I was in kindergarten and my pediatrician suggested that I take some ballet classes. Perhaps turning my toes out for ballet would help correct my pigeon-toed tendency.

If you fast forward about a decade, I was still taking dance lessons. In fact, I danced in the Nutcracker with a regional ballet company for a few seasons. I remember long nights of practice and dress rehearsals -- nights of crazy costume changes, hours of dancing, and trying to squeeze in homework while sitting backstage stretching my legs into the splits.

During one of those busy dancing seasons, I walked through the kitchen and Mom noticed how I was walking with my toes out. It wasn't necessarily a graceful ballerina style, more just waddling around.

Perhaps we overdid the ballet lessons a bit. (I'm pretty sure I don't still walk with a ballerina waddle though.)

For most of the past year I've been sharing a "Years Ago" story as I've been Blogging through the Alphabet. There are so many stories left to share that I've started over again. This time I'm linking my posts with Kristi at The Potter's Hand Academy

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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