Monday, February 15, 2016

Praying for Snow {Years Ago}

When Addison was born, our family was living in Germany. While the area we were living in does get snow in the winter, it's not generally considered a snowy area.

One night while Addison was saying her prayers one night before bedtime, she prayed for God to send snow.

Early the next morning, I looked outside and saw that it was indeed snowing. Even though she was still in her pajamas, I took her outside to see that God had sent snow.

The snow lasted long enough that day for her to get dressed and go play in it a while.

She didn't pray for snow every night when she went to bed, but she did a few more times that winter. Before long many of our friends at church started asking her to stop praying for snow. She certainly enjoyed every one of that year's snowy days.

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  1. We've prayed for snow often, but it rarely worked out like that for us. Cute story!

  2. Reminds me of the old song by the Oak Ridge boys "Thank God for Kids".. One of the verses says "The nearest thing to Heaven is a child".. Maybe its true as it sounds like God heard her prayers loud and clear :)



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