Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Wonderful Weekend Update

I apologize for not blogging about our happy update sooner.

On Thursday afternoon, I shared this picture on Facebook and Instagram:

Lauren's cardiac transplant team was pleased with the progress she had made, and it was becoming clear that she didn't need to be hanging out in the hospital any more.

Of course, the road between Children's Hospital and our house goes directly past the American Girl store. Technically, you can't see the American Girl from the interstate, but Lauren knows that AG is only a block or two away from the huge IKEA store that can be seen from miles away.

She has twice-weekly follow-up appointments in Denver for at least the next six weeks so that her doctors can keep a close eye on her heart function. It's proving to be a difficult balancing game to keep her transplant medicines playing nicely with her Valley Fever medicines. We would certainly appreciate your continued prayers as she recovers from this episode of rejection.

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