Friday, November 6, 2015

Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere {Schoolhouse Crew Review}

Confession time. When I saw an opportunity to review a picture book from Ann McCallum, I did not think about my elementary student -- I thought about my math-loving high school senior. Addison could not wait to get her hands on a copy of Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere: A Fibonacci Tale.

As expected, Addison did abscond with the book as soon as it arrived. She's studying special topics in advanced mathematics this year and recently talked about the Fibonacci sequence. She thought it was awesome that there was a children's picture book about cool math concepts like the Fibonacci sequence. She also loves puns and other language fun so I know that she loved the big play on words revealed at the end of the story. (I won't spoil it for those that want to read the book themselves.)

I did eventually steal the picture book from Addison so that I could read it to her little sister, who is perhaps a little closer to the intended age range for a picture book. Lauren enjoyed the story and paid particular attention to the pictures, even to the point of noticing that the rabbits' name tags had been switched on one particular illustration.

When we got to the page where Amanda figured out the pattern to the numbers, Lauren and I were able to talk through the numbers so that she could also figure out the Fibonacci sequence.

After reading through the book, I expanded on our math studies for the day by showing Lauren how the Fibonacci numbers can be illustrated in such a way to form both a golden rectangle and a golden spiral.

This book was perfect for Lauren and perhaps also perfect for Addison. A complex math concept like the Fibonacci sequence can be understood by younger students when introduced the way it was in Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere. Similarly, I cannot imagine an older student who would object to being introduced to the concept through the use of this well-written and enjoyable picture book.

Addison has already claimed our copy of Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere: A Fibonacci Tale to save for any children she may have someday, and I won't be surprised if I find that she's ordered one of other math picture books written by Ann McCallum.

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  1. Hopefully Addison will let me read it when I visit or at least read it to Peter a few times

    1. I'm sure she will. I personally was going to send the book to your kids, but I can't pry it away from her. ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I love how your high schooler, Addison, enjoyed it, too, and even took the math a step further. Fantastic!



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