Tuesday, July 14, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things . . . {July Blogging Challenge}

I can't even read the prompt for today's blogging challenge without humming a little. Since the song from Sound of Music mentions physical things such as raindrops, whiskers, brown paper packages, I'll limit my rambling list of favorite things to actual things, not experiences or activities.

1. Coffee (always lots of coffee)
2. Dark chocolate
3. A good book
4. Comfortable running shoes
5. A reliable (and fast) internet connection
6. Desert sunsets
7. Cool mornings and beautiful sunrises
8. Sand on the beach
9. Dirt on the mountains
10. Fam-ie pictures from our trips (selfies of our whole family)

I could continue the list, but another one of my favorite things is nice, round numbers. Ten seems like a good place to stop tonight.

July Blogging Challenge

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  2. Raindrops on cactus and long tails on lizards,

    Fill-the-sky sunsets and ten minute blizzards
    UPS packages at my front door
    These are some great things, and here are some more:

    Sleek, speckled bobcats and crisp chimichangas
    Prickly pear jelly and deals we call “gangas,”
A-10’s that fly with the moon on their wings--
These are a few of my favorite things.

    Girls in sundresses with hats, shades and sunscreen,
Miniature snowmen and eye-soothing saline
    Singing with friends till my voice goes away--
These are the things I remember today.

    When the snake bites, when the bees swarm,

    When my friends transfer,
I simply remember my favorite things

    But it doesn’t really help much, darn it!

  3. Coffee and dark chocolate would be at the top of my list too!



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