Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lights, Camera, Action! {July Blogging Challenge}

If you read the title and got your hopes up thinking that you'd see an awesome movie that I filmed today, I'm sorry to disappoint you. No videos today, but I do have lots of still pictures to share. 

It's a peek into our day, a rather busy day spent finishing up the last things on our moving to-do list.

Early morning run:

Breakfast of diabetic champions:

Lauren's breakfast on-the-go:

Thankful for coffee and an umbrella:

Last blood draw in Arizona:

A few groceries for the road:

Squeezing in a play date:

Quick stop for kindness stickers:


Singing at church:

Selfie with Lauren and one of the cuties in the Bible class I helped with:

The girls:

Sweet dreams:

July Blogging Challenge

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