Thursday, July 2, 2015

Quote of the Day {July Blogging Challenge}

I'm sure a lot of people are going to share their favorite inspirational quotes. In fact, I'll visit all my blogging friends so that I can add more quotes to my growing collection.

I don't have one particular quotation that comes to mind today. Instead, all that comes to mind is the phrase that keeps being repeated at our house lately.

"Well, not with that attitude you won't!"

I don't have any idea where that comment originated, but it has popped up at least a couple of times a week lately.

Just this evening, Lauren asked Brennan if he wanted to get his hair cut before he goes to camp this weekend. He responded that he didn't think Mom would have time to take him. I overheard and chimed in, "Well, not with that attitude I won't."

Perhaps it's just one of those inside joke sorts of things that other people wouldn't understand, but it rarely fails to get a laugh around here. Our attitudes are probably a bit more positive than they used to be, too.

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  1. Cristi, I can remember my mom saying that to me and my sisters. Every now and then I catch myself echoing her words, those and others. Yeah for improved attitudes!



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