Saturday, July 11, 2015

In my fridge {July Blogging Challenge}

Today's blogging challenge conveniently came on the same day I cleaned out the fridge.


I've been trying to use up all the odds and ends left so that I wouldn't have to dump out very much.

In the end, I think there were three almost empty bottles of salad dressing, a bottle and a jar of mustard, some Miracke Whip, two half empty jars of pickles, a few jalapeƱos in the bottom of that har, three drops of lemon juice, some Dale's marinade left from the last time we had steaks, and some organic (allergen free) BBQ sauce Lauren didn't like.

I guess I didn't do too bad. There's probably been moves when I've tossed more than this.

What was left this evening:

I left a few things to take to our temporary home -- leftover Mac and cheese (allergy friendly), two types of milk, cream cheese, margarine, a jar of homemade jelly, horseradish sauce, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and six vials of insulin. The last three go along with the container of strawberry ice cream I found in the freezer.

July Blogging Challenge

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