Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Family Fun {July Blogging Challenge}

At first glance, this picture could be used to illustrate just how technologically addicted many modern families are.

Yes, that is four members of my family sitting in the same room, each holding a different iDevice. There were actually six of us tonight.

We weren't wrapped up in our own little worlds like many people may wrongly assume, though.

We were laughing hysterically playing one of our new favorite games -- Fibbage!

Brennan bought the Fibbage game to play on his Xbox. We use our iDevices to answer trivia-style questions with lies that we hope other people would pick as the truth.

I haven't played something this funny in a long, long time.

Please note: Some families, especially families with young children, might not want to play a game that glorifies being good liar. I also cannot guarantee that all the questions are appropriate for young children. The ones I've seen with adult content usually go right over Lauren's head, though.

July Blogging Challenge

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    1. We found out about it because the teen guys were playing it over at the Berlin's one night.



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