Friday, June 12, 2015

Our week in five random thoughts (and seven pictures)

It's been a crazy sort of week around here, one that reminds me of how life used to be when Lauren was little bitty and had a bad habit of getting sick enough to be in the hospital.

1. Last Friday night, Lauren and I went to a troop camping weekend at Girl Scout camp nearby. We settled in to our cabin, our girls helped with the flag ceremony, and then we got ready for our Friday night activities. The weekend was planned around an Amazing Race style competition, and we had a pre-race expo Friday night.

Our team photo at the expo. Lauren was staring to look a little tired at this point.

2. Unfortunately, Lauren woke up early Saturday morning with a high fever and had to come back home. On Monday she went to the pediatrician and later ended up going to the ER.

I grabbed a blanket out of her room as we headed out to the ER. Later in the afternoon, I snapped a picture of the blankie to send to the friend who gave it to her just shortly after she was born. We remembered how she had hurried to finish the binding so that teeny-tiny Lauren would have a blankie.

3. On Tuesday, I was worried that she was looking worse instead of better. The nurse practitioner at our pediatrician's office agreed and decided to call our cardiologist. The cardiologist didn't want to take chances and wanted to admit Lauren to the PICU.

Because of crazy hospital rules, they wouldn't be able to directly admit her to the PICU if I just drove her to the hospital. She went by ambulance instead. She's gotten so big and independent that she told me I didn't need to ride with her in the ambulance. Sniff, sniff. Our little girl is growing up.

4. Over the past days of waiting around at doctors' offices and in the hospital, Lauren and I have passed the time by playing "Where's Addison?" Addison is currently in the middle of a three week tour of China with the Tucson Girls Chorus, and they've been posting pictures almost every day. Lauren and I hunt to see how many times we ca find Addison. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures out of all the ones we've seen lately.

5. It turns out that Lauren's fever was caused by a rather nasty case of pneumonia. Now that she's had several doses of antibiotics and enough IV fluids to keep her hydrated, she's feeling much better. She spent most of yesterday visiting with friends who stopped by, and I even heard her laughing late last night. We're hoping that she won't have to stay here in the hospital much longer.

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  1. You didn't get to ride in the ambulance? Bummer. Those apron strings come untied at the most unexpected times.



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