Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Day Photos {January 2015}

In December, I had several requests to take a picture of Brennan with his eyes open. I tried this month, but it wasn't easy. Tim, Addison, and Brennan had all gone to Phoenix for a New Year's Eve lock-in. When they returned home, Addison and Brennan joined Lauren and some other friends from church to film more scenes for their video Bible drama. They didn't get home until nearly dinnertime; at which point, they were both way past exhausted.

I stayed up on New Year's Eve long enough to see the snowflakes that were predicted to arrive around midnight. The next morning all of town was covered with short-lived, but beautiful snow.

That evening we served our traditional New Year's Day feast -- all the junky finger foods that we didn't get enough of during the holiday season. This year's spread included sausage cheese balls, spinach artichoke dip, chicken-bacon bites, and several Chex mix variations (to account for varying allergy sets).

If you want to join the first day fun, you can visit Nicole's Journey to Josie blog or click the cute paper airplane button below.

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  1. Snow on cactus just looks odd! Happy New Year!

    1. It was really pretty while it lasted -- maybe all the way until 10:00 that morning.

  2. Really cool pictures of snow on cactus - that's a new one for me!



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