Saturday, March 29, 2014

A "Years Ago" Math Story

I was talking to a friend last night who mentioned how much she liked reading my blog. In particular, she said she enjoyed reading the stories I shared about our family.

I often tell my kids a story by staring, "Years ago . . ." Unfortunately, I rarely write down those stories so that they'll be remembered.

I'm going to try to do a better job of recording those "Years Ago" stories, and I'm starting with a math story today.

Years ago, Addison was doing a great job with math, and then all of a sudden she wasn't. A friend suggested that I try Math-U-See. In fact, she went one step further than suggesting that I try it -- she loaned me the videos and an unused test booklet for Math-U-See Beta.

Over that summer Addison watched the videos, took a test for each lesson, and math finally clicked again.

When I ordered school materials for her third grade year, I ordered teacher's manuals, workbooks, and our own set of Math-U-See blocks. Before long, Addison was doing great at math again, and Brennan was enjoying new building toys.

Years passed, and Math-U-See has always been part of our homeschool days. Out kids have watched videos with Mr. Demme, built problems out of blocks, and completed lots of practice worksheets over the years. Most importantly, they've developed a true understanding of math concepts.

Sadly, Addison's time with Math-U-See is nearing an end. She's about halfway through Calculus, and there's not a more advanced Math-U-See level for her to move on to.

Thankfully, I still have two students who will use the Math-U-See materials I've collected, and I'll still hear Mr. Demme on the DVDs explaining complex math concepts using our beloved set of colorful blocks.

Who knew that a friend's suggestion all those years ago would become such a big part of our homeschool days?

Y is for Years Ago -- a perfect way to start a story and share a little something that I've hidden in my heart, but haven't ever written down.

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  1. Love it...and oh my goodness Brennan looks adorably little!!



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