Saturday, March 29, 2014

Random Five on Friday March 28, 2014

1. This weekend our youth group at church is participating in a youth rally at one of the other churches in the area, and I've got a roomful of girls at my house tonight. I think I got off fairly easy -- I'm pretty sure it's louder at the house with all the boys.

2. Addison decided on some of her school materials for next year, and we had a wonderful Sonlight Box Day on Wednesday. She decided on British Literature because so many of those books were already on her personal reading list.

3. It feels a bit odd to be looking at math programs for next year, almost like I'm being unfaithful. After finishing eleven levels of Math-U-See materials, Addison needed to find a Calculus class beyond what Math-U-See offers. Thankfully, we'll still have two Math-U-See students next year.

4. When I was on base the other day, I remembered that it's "Mustache March." The only problem is that military regulations regarding mustaches aren't very flattering, and I think everyone looks like they're trying to impersonate Hitler.

5. I'm still fighting my ear infection, and I still can't hear out of my left ear. I never knew that hearing loss could be so disconcerting.

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