Sunday, February 2, 2014

Q-Bitz {Family Game Night}

Last month, I shared about how our family enjoyed playing Rummikub over our Christmas break. One of the other games we played a lot was Q-bitz.

Each person gets a wooden game board and sixteen colored dice. The competition comes when players race to recreate the design on the challenge card.

For one of the rounds, players simple copy the pattern. The hardest round gave us a short amount of time to study the design, and then we tried to replicate it without looking at the card.

With a few minor time adaptations, this game was a good challenge for all of us. I do well when it comes to the speed rounds, but the kids have the advantage in the memory round.

Q-Bitz gets lots of thumbs up from our family because it's fun! The teacher part of me is tempted to count our games as schoolwork because it works on visual discrimination, spatial skills, patterns, memory, and more.

My friend Erica at "Be the One" is hosts a monthly Family Game Night link-up, and I'll add Q-Bitz to the list of favorites. Q-Bitz also starts with Q -- Blogging Through the Alphabet with Marcy at Ben and Me.

Be The OneBlogging Through the Alphabet

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  1. This looks like a really fun game that my family would enjoy as well! Thanks for linking up!



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