Monday, August 5, 2013

Five Reasons to Pack a Picnic

1. We can have foods that meet everyone's dietary needs (and accomodate picky eaters).

Due to a GI condition, Lauren is currently avoiding foods that contain milk, eggs, wheat, soy, nuts, or fish. I avoid some of the same allergens and also have to watch the carbohydrate counts to manage my
diabetes. Not only can I fix foods suitable for Lauren and me, I can also fix favorites for the other members of our family.

2. Picnicking is often more convenient than finding a restaurant.

Sometimes it's difficult to find any restaurants when we're traveling or sightseeing. For instance, we spent a day at Arches National Park this summer. It takes at least forty-five minutes to get from the main entrance to the park to the first of the cool arch formations. I would've hated to have to drive back out to the nearest town just to get lunch. Instead we set up our picnic lunch here:

3. A long drive across the country isn't just days spent staring at the highway.

When we drove from Arizona to California last winter, we stopped at Joshua Tree National Park to fix a quick lunch. It added a little time to our drive that day, but the views were definitely worth it.

4. We get to eat in beautiful and amazing locations.

In addition to eating at Arches National Park and Joshua Tree National Park, we've also picnicked at the Grand Canyon, Civil War Battlefields on the east coast, and along several local hiking trails.

5. We have fun!

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