Friday, July 19, 2013

Random Five on Friday July 19th

1. I put gas in my car at 5:00 yesterday morning. I've driven 243.5 miles since then, and none of it was highway driving. No wonder it feels like I haven't gotten much done this week.

2. Addison got to volunteer at Oh My Glee! camp that's run by some of the people with the Tucson Girl's Chorus. She was in high heaven because the whole week focused on 80s music. Unfortunately, the kids didn't always seem to share her enthusiasm and she complained more than once that they were making "Living on a Prayer" sound like something sung at a funeral.

3. Meanwhile, Brennan went to Apple camp for two sessions this week. The focus was on movie making, and he teamed up with one of his church friends to make a really awesome movie trailer. They all got free t-shirts and cool thumb drive bracelets, too.

4. We have clear blue skies in Arizona for most of the year, but this week we've had clouds nearly every day. The blue sky looks even prettier when it's contrasted with bright fluffy white clouds, and sunrises look more beautiful when the orange sunlight is reflecting off of a layer of clouds.

5. I didn't take any pictures worth sharing this week. I guess you'll have to take my word when it comes to pretty blue skies and gorgeous sunrises.

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  1. #2 made me 'bout spit out my coffee laughing! How dare they butcher a classic like that!!

  2. I lived in Arizona when I was little. My dad was in the Air Force and we were stationed in Tuscon for a few years. I do not have a lot of memories of our time there but I definitely have a few. I would love to visit Arizona some time. :)



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